How To

Introduction Profile

Under this tab, you will be asked to create an “Introduction Profile”.

This page will include your “Bio”, in which you will set your overall goal.

Once you complete your bio, it will also be seen below in in the “About the Author” section.

How to Create Your First Project Profile

Once you are done completing your Introduction Profile, you can create your first project by clicking on Create/Edit Profile.

“Avatar” will be a small picture which will appear under “About The Author”

Note : When entering your “Profile Name”, make sure you enter it exactly how you want it to appear and how you want people to find you

Please enter all the information for each section and upload any additional photos using the “Add Media” button under the “About You” section.

Your “Featured Image” is the initial picture you want to present to your family and friends.

Initially, at the beginning, when you are done filling out and posting your information you will go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit for Review”. Your profile will be reviewed and published by one of our Admins. Once the website has been approved, the new Project Profile should appear in your dashboard under the “Create/Edit” Profile tab.

How to Edit/Update Your Profile

When Editing your profile, click on “Create/Edit” Profile. The below page will pop up. Hover over your picture to activate the “edit” icon. Click on it and you will have access to edit your profile. Once done editing/updating your profile, click Update and all updates will now be visible.

NOTE: DO NOT CLICK THE “CREATE PROFILE” button. If you create multiple profiles, your family and friends will not be able to find you and YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED.

This page is where you will be editing your Project Profile and posting your regular weekly updates. In the “Update” box you can post pictures and other details as to your week in school. You can use the expand feature to in the update box to have a better view of what you are posting.

Click on “Update” to save the new changes to the Project Profile


When having your family and friends view your profile, they should click the “Updates” button above your picture to get the most current updates on your progress. Here they will also be able to Contribute.