SponsorMyProm, LLC. is not responsible for you, the student, not raising funds or reaching your goal. Parents should always monitor who is donating to their student. Parents will need to set up a PayPal account, for themselves, in order to receive the students donations. The PayPal account should have automatic withdraw in place for those funds to be directed into a parents sub-account and held for the student. You will need to enter the PayPal email to direct funds to the parents account. Students are prohibited to create a PayPal account for the purpose of collecting donations. The donations are solely under the control of the parent. SponsorMyProm, LLC, is not responsible for the mismanagement of the students funds by the parent or guardian.

We at SponsorMyProm, LLC. recommend you NOT use the funds until the student has reached their Senior High School year. We at SponsorMyProm, LLC. wish you success in your High School years and hope you take what you have learned with you into the world.

SponsorMyProm, LLC. does not give any refunds at any time.

SponsorMyProm, LLC., charges a 2.5% fee to all Sponsors making a donation, as well a 2.9% PayPal processing fee.  The 2.5% SMP, LLC., fee is used to pay employees, company overhead, as well as anything that may be related to making this site better.  The 2.5% fee and the 2.9% fee are taken off the total donation amount.  You as the “Sponsee” and the Parent/Guardian, agree to these terms.

As the parent or guardian you are solely responsible for what your child/student accesses on the internet.

As the “Sponsee”, you agree and certify that you have received parental/guardians permission to create a profile.

These “profiles” are intended to be created by the parents or guardians or with their supervision.

By registering with this site, you agree that the parent and or guardian is the primary user of the site and the student is secondary and acting as the “Sponsee” who is responsible for updates on their progress.

For purposes of this site, a “Sponsee” is a student who is being sponsored by family and friends.