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SponsorMyProm (SMP) was created to give family and friends an easy, secure and fun way to help their special student enjoy a memorable high school senior year.  SMP allows for family and friends to easily keep up to date with their student’s academic and social progress while rewarding him/her with monetary donations and relieving the ever growing financial and mental stress that graduating seniors and their parents face.

The idea of SMP was born when I offered to help my God Daughter and her single mom purchase her prom dress and accessories. To my surprise, I quickly realized that prom is no longer a semi-formal event held in the high school gym with popcorn, punch and embarrassing arrivals in mom’s minivan.  A typical prom today runs the average student $800 to $1000 and a typical senior year runs average cost of $3000 when factoring additional senior activities and graduation.  Through this website, it is my hope that every student, regardless of their family’s financial situation or status, is able to enjoy a senior year full of enjoyment and little stress.

The initial “page” set up will be created by the student.  On this “page”, family and friends can follow their student’s journey through high school, beginning as early as freshman year.  Each student will have to maintain good grades and make responsible social choices.  Students are encouraged to post about any activities, sports, clubs, etc., that they may be involved in and to share many photos! Think of this as a monthly public diary. Along with pictures, you can tell us how well your month went, what tests you did well in, and anything else you’d like us to know.

On the Donate page, family and friends can donate to the students account, as a showing of encouragement, birthday surprise, holiday gift or just because.  A limit of $3000 has been set on each student’s account. The money donated will automatically go to a Parent or Guardians PayPay account, (parents/guardian must set up a PayPal account) for it to be secured until it is time for the student to use it.

SponsorMyProm wishes you much success, happiness and growth through this journey. I thank you for being a part of  the SMP family and look forward to hearing about many memorable moments during this very special time.

Thank you,

Rick Velasco,

Owner/SMP, LLC


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